Section: Villains
Name: Gupta, Henry (Jay, Ricky)

Gupta is techno-terrorist who made Carver's plot technically possible by misaligning a US GPS satellite. He also wis in charge of preparing the missile aimed at Beijing.

Practically invented techno-terrorism' - he is a cyber terrorist and handles the technical side of Carver's malign operations.

Elliot Carver

How Killed:
Carver shoots him in the head with a pistol when he becomes no longer necessary.

Gupta really plays little part in the film - he speaks rarely and proves to be a true hippie - he has numerous pills to pop. He also appeares to be a sex fiend - he had porn in his glass office. Despite his scrufiness and apparent lack of villainy, he is a sufficiently "different" geek who functions well as a cerebral goon. A nice change and a good chuckle.


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