Section: Villains
Name: Blofeld, Ernst Stavro [Kojak Blofeld] (Savalas, Telly)

Blofeld demands to be recognized as a count or else he will spread a plague across the globe that will systematically kill all plant life.

Head of SPECTRE (although not for long). He is NOT of royal descent, despite what his mad tendencies might imply.

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Self-Employed)

How Killed:
Escapes, albeit with severe head trauma.

This incarnation of Blofeld is mere shadow of his former incarnations, although things will get much worse shortly. Nevertheless, despite a few extremely strange mannerisms (mostly holding his cigarette in strange ways and pawing at his cat like a small child might), Telly does do respectable job of being 'Blofeld-y.'

The actual writing for the character however, is poor in the extreme. Blofeld's plot, along with his organization (nominally still SPECTRE) have become significantly more moderate since You Only Live Tiwce, but that is to be expected considering the unmitigated disaster at the end of that film. Additionally, he seems to have slid much further down the road to complete madness. Unfortunately, this may be an interpretation of the schizophrenic writing, not an actual intended characterization.

Blofeld's demands (namely royal title and full pardon) are quite reasonable assuming he has realized the impossibility of his predicament. He faces a rotting organization and destroyed reputation. Unfortunately, his plan is unworkable. He has no back up control facility, his hideaway is inaccessible, its location is publicly known, and there is nothing stopping the authorities from simply lying to him and arresting him later. Still, this could be interpreted as an error on Blofeld's part but within his characterization. Such personal errors make him merely an average villain, not the sinister nemesis of the past.

The most egregious error comes from the fact that Blofeld doesn't recognize Bond when he first sees him. No person would be fooled if their mortal enemy showed up wearing a pair of fake looking glasses and a kilt, but Blofeld is. Why? Because Bond is played by a new actor, of course. That shouldn't matter to Blofeld, but apparently writers thought it did.

As an aside, Blofeld fails to learn Draco's lesson -- go legit. Clearly his 'allergy' treatment works on some level, why not market it and make millions? In any case, this Blofeld is significantly less sinister than his predecessors and only merits an average rating because he looks like Donald Plesance (who was fortunately not saddled with this dog of a movie).


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