Section: Villains
Name: Hai Fat (Loo, Richard)

Fat seeks to dominate the enrgy market by controlling industiral solar power.

Wealthy and powerful east asian industrialist who finances the theft of the Solex for his own purposes.

Self Employed.

How Killed:
Shot by Scaramanga.

Hai Fat is only nominally a villain -- while he orders Bond killed, his plot seems to be simple industrial espionage. The main problems with his character seem to revolve around his stubbornness and stupidity. Fat orderes 007 killed, but for some reason is too squeamish to kill him on his own proerty. Instead, Hai-Fat has Bond taken to his school of elite martial arts masters...masters who can be defeated by two schoolgirls. His second failure leads to his undoing: he trusts a famously ruthless assasin with his life. Hai-Fat serves his puprose in advancing the plot; unfortunately, he only comes off as a weak copy of Osato.


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