Section: Villains
Name: Kananga/Mr. Big (Kotto, Yaphet)

Kananga wishes to undermine the U.S. heroin market by giving away a large stash grown on San Monique. Once he has established a monopoly, he'll make a killing.

The ambassador to the U.N. from the carribean island nation of San Monique. He has also established a criminal overlord alter Ego, "Mr. Big" based in New York City.

Self Employed.

How Killed:
He bit the bullet -- 007's pressurized air capsule, specifically.

Kananga is one of the series more interesting Villains, in concept. He vacillates between self-criticism (as Mr. Big) and irrational confidence, and between rationality and superstition. His plan is relatively well considered (except for the bit about enraging the mafia). It benefits from not being so big as to pose a serious challenge to the suspension of disbelief. Unfortunately, Kananga's mad ravings about tarot and his womanizing have been seen before. He is subtle in his villainy, but it fails to contribute to his memorability. He is bad, but not really 'evil,' except in the sense of everyday villainy.


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