Section: Villains
Name: Goldfinger, Auric (Frobe, Gert)

Operation Grand Slam - to use a nuclear device to destroy the United States' supply of gold, thereby creating economic upheaval in the West and increasing the value of his own gold at least tenfold.

International jeweler; owner of Auric Enterprises, which is clean as far as the governments of the United States and Britain are concerned; legally entitled to operate modest metallurgical facilities.

Self-employed international jeweler (a booming profession, we're sure).

How Killed:
Sucked out of a jet airliner after a fight with Bond. Apparently a handgun does slice through the plane like a hot knife through butter, and he gets sucked through the window like a hot dog through a keyhole.

Auric Goldfinger is one of the most memorable villains in terms of his persona, but parts of his scheme are half-baked.

Goldfinger's plan, which revolves around the destruction of the Bretton Woods System, which would ultimately be carried out by Richard Nixon 12 years later, is an extremely interesting one, in theory. Unfortunately, Goldfinger, like Nixon, makes some ill-conceived moves. Goldfinger had no good reason to explain his plan to the mobsters, even though it does serve as a vehicle for 007 to get in on it. In 'Dr. No' and 'Russia' we are kept in the dark as long as possible, which actually adds to the intrigue. Additionally, the entire car-crushing scheme is pointless, other than to raise the viewers’ hopes and then crush them like that classic Cadillac.

That said, Goldfinger's strengths generally outweigh his weaknesses. He appears mad on the surface, but he has an evil scheme which comes surprisingly close to success despite his irascibility. He is unsatisfied with his personal power, all the more menacing when he keeps 007 alive to fool the authorities, and at the behest of his foreign (likely Chinese) benefactors.

Goldfinger's ostentatious personality is a first for the series, and sets a hallmark which will be striven for again (see: 'Diamonds'). He is the first of his brand, and he plays his part memorably and menacingly.


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