Section: Villains
Name: Trevelyan, Alec (006) (Bean, Sean)

To exact revenge on England for betraying his ancestors to the Russians after World WarII. He employed Ourumov to steal the Goldeneye satellites so he could rob the bank of London and then wipe the record of it, in the process sending London back to the stone age.

Former double-0 agent gone wrong. Also a Lienz-Cossack, a group renown for betrayal. Head of Janus crime syndicate, based in Russia.


How Killed:
The world's largest satellite dish fell on him.

The concept of a double-0 agent gone wrong is a unique angle which has never been explored before. Bean pulls it off convincingly; he seems evil, while not completely mad; his sanity is something that is all too rare in Bond villains. Additionally, his scheme is fairly sound and reasonable.


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