Section: Villains
Name: Kristatos, Aristotle (Glover, Julian)

To Recover the ATAC machine and sell it to the Soviets.

Received a medal from Britain for World War II and proceeded to betrayed them. Started a smuggling organization in Greece; rival of the Columbo's group.

Self-Employed (Although he was working for the Soviets to get the ATAC)

How Killed:
Colombo threw a knife into his back. Interestingly, Colombo did not have to dig two graves.

A serious, real-world villain, he was as every bit as villainous as Goldfinger. And unlike Goldfinger and his over-the-top friends, he was not obsessed with something weird (and he didn't have a weird physical problem -- weight, height, eye-patch), so he could carry out his plan with a clearer head. This type of villain might not have fit in in other 007 outings, but for this cold war spy thriller, he was perfect! He had a very nasty and intimidating presence, and I got the chills by just looking at him. He could have had a slightly larger role, however. Still, enough to make a solid impact.


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