Section: Villains
Name: Blofeld, Ernst Stavro [Rocky Horror Blofeld] (Gray, Charles)

To use a diamond-studded laser satellite to blackmail states into paying tribute to him or he will vaporize missile silos, submarines, and by one.

Formerly head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. In this film is seems quite likely that S.P.E.C.T.R.E. no longer exists.


How Killed:
Blofeld survives this encounter with severe (and lasting) injuries as evidenced in 'For Your Eyes Only.' Never fear, Roger Moore will finish the job that Connery never could.

Before any commentary on Blofeld in 'Diamonds,' it must be said: "Why Charles Gray?" Gray isn't a bad choice for a Bond villain per se, but he just isn't anything like Blofeld. He neither acts nor looks anything like the previous incarnations of the character. The problems with the character are best evidenced when he says "science was never my strong suit" -- despite it being precisely his strong suit in the previous film.

The fact is, Blofeld's plan isn't even half-baked; frankly, it's not baked at all. The concept of a villain who kidnapped an industrialist and stole his empire is interesting. A man who couldn't hire any competent lackeys or succeed at anything in the film is not. For example, when Bond uses Q's voice-changer to sound like Burt over the phone, and Blofeld asks Bond why he sounds funny, Bond is able to throw him off with a mere "never mind that, I just saw James Bond in the casino!" When he does have 007 in his clutches, and a gun pointed at his chest, he chooses to knock him out and hand him over to a team that has failed to kill him more than once thus far.

One could again describe Blofeld's continued slide into madness, but once again, the writers aren't going for that. The writers attempt to pass Blofeld off as a sinister villain still worthy of 007. Instead we get a clown dressed in drag.


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