Section: Teaser
Location: Unidentified country in Latin America (presumably)

Duration: 4:29

Bond blows up an unseen villain's drug compound, putting him out of business, or "at least he won't be using heroin-flavored bananas to finance revolutions." Bond's contact tells to catch the next flight to Miami, because some very angry people will be looking for him. Before he leaves, however, Bond has some unfinished business to attend to -- a local dancer -- but before he actually gets down to business, a thug who has been waiting in the room interrupts them. After a brief fight, Bond kills the assailant and heads off to Miami and the rest of the film.

Connection to rest of film:
No connection, except for Bond.

When Bond throws an electric fan into the bathtub (into which the goon has just fallen), electrocuting its occupant, then utters "Shocking. Positively shocking."

The first teaser in which Bond himself appears, and the first in which Bond is on a mission totally unrelated to the rest of film. It doesn't matter that we don't know all of the details. We know that Bond is on another mission, it's exciting, and we root for him. Unfortunately, this totally unrelated genre of teaser -- which affords us a more comprehensive look into Bond's work -- is not as commonplace as it should. On average, a Bond movie only comes around every two years; it would be nice to see him on more than one mission every two years.

Like the rest of the film, the teaser is a series of memorable, iconic images -- Bond lighting his cigarette just as the drug compound blows up; Bond seeing the goon's reflection in the dancer's eye, and then using her as a shied; Bond electrocuting the goon by throwing an electric fan into the bath tub -- capped by the most memorable line of any teaser: "Shocking. Positively shocking."

Fortunately, this teaser isn't merely a series of images strung together, like much of the rest of the film. We don't know much, but we know more than in most independent teasers, and what we do know makes sense, and it works. To the extent that a teaser has its own storyline, this is one of the most well-written and executed. We're tense when Bond breaks into the drug compound, and we're thrilled during the short but oh-so-sweet fight.

This teaser is really two teasers for the price of one. There's the actual mission part, from the beginning until the explosion, and then there's the post-mission part, in this dancer's room. Each one is satisfying on its own, but together, they make for the teaser that sets the bar. And it's a bar that few others will reach.


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