Section: Girls
Name: Aki (Wakabayashi, Akiko)

Agent for the Japanese Secret Service.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Takes him to Henderson, and then Tiger; drives him out of danger; massages him; has sex with him.

What Happened To Her:
Poison intended for Bond drips into her mouth instead.

As the first highly placed female government agent of the franchise, Aki has great potential. Initially, she is effectively cast in a suspicious light, but once she is revealed as a good girl, she becomes less and less important.

She is a better ally than a girl. Most notably, she saves Bond's life by picking him up outside of Osato's building after his goons are too trigger happy to wait until Bond leaves the property before attempting to kill him.

But we never understand exactly why Bond is so thrilled to see her (and this is before she saves his life). Her speech is awkward, and even if they couldn't find a Japanese girl who spoke better English (which wouldn't have been difficult), they certainly could have found someone with a nicer face.

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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