Section: Girls
Name: Carver, Paris (Hatcher, Teri)

One-time love interest of 007. But James Bond has since moved out of her bed and she now is wedded to billionare media magnate Elliot Carver. She fell in love with him, but the memory and touch of Bond are not easily forgotten.

What She Did To Help Bond:
nforms him of a secret entrance to Carver's Hamburg HQ; once again allows Bond in her bed.

What Happened To Her:
Dr. Kauffman shoots her at the request of her jealous husband, aiming to make it look like a suicide...that is, before Bond messes things up.

Maturity has done nothing but refine this Bond girl. She struggles with her new-found, comfortable position in society and her wild, passionate roots. She is one of the few girls who doesn't have to wear a bathing suit to show off a lot of skin. Her elegant dresses and full-body black lace underwear obviously drove Bond to his most animalistic instincts. The feeling of a connection that was more than sexual pervades the early moments of the film and brings the topic of an emotional relationship for Bond once more into the spotlight. And shades of 'OHMSS,' at least concerning the romance, can never go wrong. A girl who is too good for Carver...and too short-lived for Bond.

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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