Section: Girls
Name: Derval, Domino (Auger, Claudine)

Largo's woman, sister of NATO fighter pilot Major Derval.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Has sex with him (underwater); uses the camera to confirm that the bombs are aboard Largo's yacht; informs Bond that Vargas was about to murder him; harpoons Largo to death, avenging her brother's murder.

What Happened To Her:
After being rescued, she probably didn't have sex with Bond in mid-air (although one never knows); hopefully they waited until they were safely about the plane. With her brother dead, her former lover dead, and her new lover to leave before the next movie, Domino is about to start her life all over again. She'll be just fine.

The second three-Bond-girl flick. There's no Honey, but the overall trio is stronger than 'Dr. No''s. She and Fiona finish in a dead heat for the film's best Bond girls, and there aren't too many ahead of them throughout the entire series. If 'Thunderball' is the biggest anything, it's the biggest Bond girl movie of all.

The only outfit Fiona doesn't don seems to be the only one Domino does -- the bathing suit -- and a different one for every day (sometimes more than one a day). While Fiona may have a marginally better body, Dominio wins out in beauty. A classical beauty along the lines of Tatiana, with a twist of French sex appeal.

Shades of Honey are not just present in Domino's bikini, but also in her character and background story. Dominio had a life before this movie, before Bond and Largo -- she had a brother whom she loved more than anything. Her smile and laughter when she speaks of him, her tears when she sees his dog tags, make for some of the series' most poignant moments. Auger is a better actress than her Miss France crown would have one believe.

Her relationship with her brother also factors into her relationship with Largo. She sought in Largo the protection and affection that her brother had afforded her before he went off to the service. She may have loved Largo once, or thought she did, but by the time Bond meets her, she's trapped aboard a yacht of hell. Her swimming and diving provide a freedom for her -- as does Bond, surprisingly. At first glance, Bond represents merely the true love Dominio wanted from Largo but could never have, but under closer examination, he also represents the freedom and life that Domino's been missing under the false love of Largo. Here we see that Bond isn't only capable of seducing women -- he can also liberate them (while simultaneously having underwater sex with them). But Domino's liberation comes not with Largo's death; it's her liberation that makes his death -- at her hands -- possible.(Jacob T. Cote)

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Overall Verdict:

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