Section: Girls
Name: Amasova, Anya (Bach, Barbara)

Major of the Soviet Union; job description closely resembles that of James Bond; his Soviet counterpart, as it were.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Stole the submarine tracking system microfilm (actually, she stole it from him, but it's better she have it than the bad guys); slept with him; lots of other things (in actuality, they helped each other equally).

What Happened To Her:
She and Bond got away in Stromberg's floating bedroom. She decided not to kill him; making love was a much better choice.

Although it could hold itself pretty well on its own, the presence of Triple X is what really brought 'Spy' to the top! She was immensely beautiful - face, top half, lower half, everything! - and they all came together to make a heavenly figure. Rather petite compared to most Bond Girls, but what man ever had a problem with a petite woman? She was very sexy and racy (that enticing Russian accent drove me wild!), but in a very subtle way. She also managed to be oh-so-cute-and-adorable at the same time. Despite being an independent woman who could hold her own, she was very feminine and eventually admitted (in her actions, not openly) that she needed a man. Despite getting all 10's in beauty, she also far surpassed any Bond Girl to date in the intelligence factor. She didn't just have common sense or a few good ideas - this chic was loaded with brains and craftiness. She was definitely on par with James Bond in that area (the only truly equal Bond Girl), if not more so this is still open for debate, however). She was really perfect for Bond, and he was perfect for her. Although at each other's throats at the beginning, one could see through their armor to their pitter-pattering hearts. I dare say, she was perhaps even better suited for Bond than 'OHMSS' 's Tracy. She was like him, yes, but different enough for it to be interesting enough and for their relationship to survive. She may have been strong at work, but out of work, she could be very dependant and soft. While they couldn't have exactly gone and married Bond and Triple X, if he was gonna get married again, she would be the one. Yes, it would be illogical and impossible to have Bond wed again (for the sake of the series), but in reality, it doesn't make sense how these two could not get together! They were truly in love! But on the bright side, she's mine for the dream world (like I wouldn't think about her anyway). She's second only to Honey Ryder (both of who are the only Bond Girls to be given the title "Ultimate Babe!"), although the only thing that puts the 'Dr. No' babe in front of Triple X was the bikini, her in it, and her coming out of the water in it. Triple X never donned a bikini in the film, although everything else she wore was almost as good as a bikini and almost as revealing - even when she was all bundled up she looked hot - and that shot of her in the shower (with her delicious top half pretty well revealed) made me sweat. Ah, if you only wore a bikini, you could be the Number One Bond Girl. But never the matter: in my world, you're Number On -- bikini or no bikini!

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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