Section: Girls
Name: Anders, Andrea (Adams, Maud)

Scaramanga's lover (but only before he kills).

What She Did To Help Bond:
Sends him the golden bullet with 007's number on it; informs him that Scaramanga will be at the Bottoms-Up club, and describes Scaramanga ("Tall, slim, and dark" -- "So's my aunt"); brings the Solex to the boxing match; has sex with him.

What Happened To Her:
Scaramanga shoots her at the boxing match for betraying him. "A mistress cannot serve two masters. A difficult shot but most gratifying."

Like Domino and Solitaire, she's the villain's girlfriend. Like Domino and Solitaire, she starts off trapped, yearning for freedom. But unlike them, she takes the initiative -- and the risk -- in setting herself free, by sending Bond the bullet; she also takes a great risk by bringing Bond the Solex. These risks ultimately render her freedom short-lived, but they also render her one of the strongest Bond girls. For the purposes of the story, it works well that she dies, but it would work even better if her freedom hadn't been so short-lived, or if she had been more alive before she died. Thankfully, it's not so-so-short that we don't get to see her stretched out on Scaramanga's private beach in a bathing suit, stretched out in Scaramanga's bed, and in the shower...with nothing but a gun.

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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