Section: Girls
Name: Galore, Pussy (Blackman, Honor)

Goldfinger's personal pilot and ringleader of Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. A lesbian in the book, and seemingly here, too.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Switches sides (in terms of the law and sexual orientation) after Bond appeals to her maternal instincts; calls Washington and helps it switch the gas in the canisters from deadly nerve case to a nontoxic mixture.

What Happened To Her:
She and Bond have sex -- not on a boat this time -- but a parachute. Inconclusive if she does indeed retire to nature, but she probably doesn't go back to women. Because once you go Bond, you can't go back.

Because this film was rated PG, not X, we don't know if her name constitutes false advertising. But from what we could tell, she would have been more aptly called Boobs Galore. Those aside, she is not that much to look at.

Her character, however, is slightly more appealing. Not evil nor a sociopath, she starts out as a damn good pilot who simply wants to earn enough gold, as it were, to finance her back-to-nature experiment. She doesn't seem totally cognizant of Operation Grand Slam, but once Bond fills her in on the details -- and fills her in, literally -- she switches sides. Her transition isn't as smooth or rich as Tatiana's, but this is the series' first bad-girl-becomes-good-girl (more precisely, not-so-bad-girl-becomes-not-so-good-girl), and she sets the bar. And this is the series' only girl-who-likes-girls-becomes-girl-who-likes-boys, or at least this is the closest they ever got (Klebb doesn't count, as she's not a "girl."). Obviously an early 60's spy flick isn't about to delve into homosexuality, but Pussy doesn't need to be a lesbian in order to be a strong, independent woman who could (initially) be immune to Bond's charm. If only she had been more fleshed out (literally), or if she had been given screen time commensurate with the actress' talents. A good Bond girl in a good film, but also an overrated Bond girl in an overrated Bond film.

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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