Section: Girls
Name: Havelock, Melina (Bouquet, Carole)

Parents were working undercover for the British to find the St. Georges and retrieve the ATAC.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Slept with him (but only at the end); hurt a few bad guys; helped him find the St. Georges and the ATAC; provided Bond with a scuba tank underwater, which helped him evade the bad guys. All in all, HELPED HIM A LOT! Maybe more than any Bond Girl.

What Happened To Her:
She and Bond got away (but she didn't get to kill Kristatos), and then went skinny-dipping in the ocean (and I'm sure they didn't just swim...).

She's just a fantastic character and a pillar of womanhood that she shouldn't even be considered a Bond girl. She was very attractive -- had a really nice face, hair, and body -- but she didn't wear any skimpy clothes or act like she was interested in having sex. She did at the end, but not throughout the main course of the movie. And I'm quite glad they did this. It would have detracted from her taut character and would given her much less of aneffect. She was strong-willed, had a deep, vibrant, three dimensional personality, and was experiencing inner-conflict -- should she seek revenge? (She did, but she didn't take it all the way; although she might have if some things didn't get in the way). What she is a character, not a babe, and so I'm going to rate her according to her character for the all-together verdict (although if they had forgotten about making her a strong character and instead wanted to make her a sexy Bond Girl, it wouldn't have come out quite as well, but she still would have gotten a lot of whistles from me :-) )

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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