Section: Girls
Name: Romanova, Tatiana (Bianchi, Daniela)

Cipher clerk for the Russian consulate in Istanbul, where she works with the Lector machine. Excellent work record, didn't make the ballet because she was one inch over regulation, and has had three lovers.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Helps Bond steal the Lector machine; shoots Rosa Klebb when she is attempting to stab Bond; has sex with him.

What Happened To Her:
Unlike Honey in 'Dr. No,' she probably doesn't have boat sex with Bond, in this case a Venetian gondola; they already had their fair share of semi-public sex. Presumably makes it to London and makes love with Bond a few more times before their "marriage" ends sometime before 'Goldfinger.' Hopefully he lets her keep the nightgowns.

Not the typical Bond girl, in both appearance and personality.

Unlike virtually every other Bond girl, she doesn't wear bathing suits or exude exotic sex appeal. She's more of a girl next door (that is, if Russia is next door), or the girl you always dreamed would live next door. A classical beauty - i.e., a real beauty. As Rosa Klebb says, but in a less creepy fashion, she's "a fine looking girl."

Her character is even more compelling than her looks. She's one of the few Bond girls who undergoes any real character development (what a novel concept). She starts out a loyal Soviet comrade, and ends up loving the West, or at least, loving Bond; hence, her pleas for Bond to "make love" to her. In contrast to metamorphoses in later films, this one is relatively believable and not merely the result of Bond's seduction; here, she's actually the one who seduces him. The complexity of her evolution is conveyed by her vacillation between aiming the gun at Bond and aiming at Klebb, and the conclusion of her evolution is conveyed by her decision to shoot Klebb. However, her evolution, while not unfolding at a Munsters-esque-speed, could have been more subtle. Still, it's a joy to watch her grow...for virtually the entire length of the film. Devoting so much time to a single character proves as successful as devoting so much time to a single location (the train). Unfortunately for the future of the series, such investments also prove rare. Although understandable for dramatic purposes, it's difficult to fathom how Bond couldn't have stayed "married" to her in other films. She's certainly a better wife than the one he ends up actually marrying.

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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