Section: Girls
Name: Rider, Honey (Andress, Ursula)

She and her marine zoologist father traveled around the world searching for seashells until his disappearance around Crab Key -- missing, presumed dead. Later, a man allowed Honey to live with him gratis, until he raped her; she placed a Black Widow spider in his bed, and he never harmed anyone again. Resides and collects seashells for profit on Crab Key; Dr. No's guards know she is there but could never capture her, so gave up their pursuit...until Bond comes along.

What She Did To Help Bond:
Shows Bond around Crab Key; shows Bond how to throw off the scent of the dogs; has sex with him.

What Happened To Her:
Presumably, she and Bond are AGAIN rescued by the British Marines (seemingly led by Leiter), hopefully after they are done messing around on the floor of an unkempt boat, and hopefully this time, they allow themselves to be towed all the way to land. And hopefully she retrieves those seashells and hawks them for a decent price in Miami...and finishes the encyclopedia.

One of the first Bond girls, and one of the best. If not the most breathtaking Bond girl, then at least no one looks better emerging from the Caribbean in a bikini (that means you, Jinx).

But Honey isn't all style and no substance. Although one of the earlier Bond girls in a pre-feminism era, from her first interaction with Bond to her engrossing background story -- one of the few for a Bond girl -- she is surprisingly three-dimensional and independent. Years ahead of her time. Honey's only downside may be her late introduction into the film, a fate which doesn't hobble her as much as Dr. No's sitcom-length appearance. She also could have been utilized more effectively once she and Bond are captured in order to show off her strengths, but we'll take all we can get.

Beauty Verdict:

Overall Verdict:

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