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Cheat Menu

GoldenEye has a built-in Cheat Options menu with twenty codes that are automatically turned on when you beat certain levels under a preset time. These codes can only be accessed by meeting the correct requirements; there are few manually input codes codes for this game.

The following "Time Cheats" are activated by completing certain levels within a certain time:





Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40
Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05
Runway DK Mode Agent 5:00
Surface 2X Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30
Bunker 2X Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00
Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00
Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30
Surface 2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15
Bunker 2 2X Throwing Knives Agent 1:30
Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15
Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20
Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45
Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:40
Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25
Jungle 2X Hunting Knives Agent 3:45
Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00
Caverns 2X RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30
Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15
Aztec 2X Lasers Secret Agent 9:00
Egyptian All Weapons 00 Agent 6:00
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Some weapon cheats can be obtained simply by finishing certain levels:



Magnum Antenna Cradle
Laser Aztec complex
Golden Gun Egyptian Temple
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Double Weapon Trick

In some GoldenEye levels, you can find some weapons that can be "paired," so Bond can hold one in each hand. In most places, the game limits you to two of the same weapon. To a limited extent, you can use the trick below to mix the types of weapons you have paired.

To do this trick, you must have two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in your weapon list, and some ammo for each gun. One example of this is the Military Archives, where you can have two Destovies and two Klobbs. You'll also need to use a trick that lets you cycle backwards through your weapons---if you press and hold A, then tap the Z button, you can cycle through your weapons in reverse order.

Once you're ready, cycle through your weapons until you have two of the second set of weapons ready (For example, in the Archive, have your two Klobbs selected). You'll need to do the following steps fairly quickly:

1. Press and hold the A button.

2. Before you cycle forward, press Z twice.

3. Release the A button.

4. Press A once.

5. Press Z to fire two or three times to fire while the weapons are changing .

If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the weapons on screen in the middle of changing weapons, leaving you with a mixed pair.

If you have the All Weapons Cheat enabled, you'll have two of nearly all of your weapons. You can use this trick to get some interesting mixes!

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Play As Same Character Trick

There is a trick which allows you to have doubles or triples of characters in GoldenEye 007's three- and four-player modes. The examples below show you how to have three of the same characters in a four-player game. Once you understand how it works, you can use it in a three-player match, or to have 2 matched pairs of players.

1. Start a four-player match in the multi-player mode, and
pick the character you want to "multiply" as Player 4.

2. Pick any other characters for Players 1, 2 and 3.

3. Change the number of Players from 4 to 3, go to the Characters screen
again, and select Player 4's character to be Player 3. Pick any characters
for Players 1 and 2.

3. Change the number of Players from 3 to 2, go to the Characters screen
again, and select Player 4's character to be Player 2. Pick any character
for Player 1.

4. Change the number of Players back to 4 and start the game. Players
2, 3 and 4 will be the same character.

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All Characthers Code

This is a very long code---10 steps---and it took me a bunch of tries to enter it so it worked; do not get frustrated. You can do this code anywhere, but it's best to do it on the Multi-Player Character Select screen while looking at the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Here's how to do it:

1. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left.
2. Hold the L Button and press C-Up
3. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Left on the digital Control Pad (NOT the Control Stick).
Note: doing this will select a different character on-screen. This is supposed to happen.
4. Hold the L Button and press Right on the Control Pad
5. Hold the R Button and press Down on the Control Pad
6. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left
7. Hold the L Button and press C-Up
8. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Right on the Control Pad
9. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Down
10. Hold the L Button and press Down on the Control Pad

If you entered this code correctly, there will be no tone, so don't worry, just move your cursor to the left to view the new characters. If you entered it correctly you will now have 31. This code will also activate the characters you get from beating the game on Agent.

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