Section: Gadgets
Gadget: Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger)

007's new gadget-filled car includes many more gadgets than his previous vehicle does, including a receiver for homing beacons, forward-facing machine guns, bullet-proof glass, an armored rear shield, smoke layers, oil slick dispensers, water cannons, revolving number plates, and revolving blades, perfect for destroying tires (and the sides of Mustangs).

How Used:

Bond's most famous vehicle, it is his primary means of travel in the film. Many of the gadgets are used in Bond's running battle across Goldfinger's Switzerland encampment, including the oil slick, bulletproof armor, smokescreen, and of course, the ejector seat -- which amusingly launches one of Goldfinger's goons, freeing Bond. In 'Thunderball,' Bond uses the water cannons to escape in the opening teaser. The Aston Martin DB-5 is unequivocally the most famous Bond car of all time, and justifiably so.

One must wonder, however, why the filmmakers chose to remove the car's sun visors in the film...

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