Section: Allies
Name: Henderson, Dikko (Gray, Charles)

British spy in Japan. Lost his right leg in Singapore in 1942. Lived in Japan since the war, but refuses to go entirely Japanese.


How He Helped Bond:
Henderson tells 007 about Tiger Tanaka and shares with Bond his theory that a foreign power -- but not Soviet Russia -- is behind the acts of space terrorism. He dies before he can elaborate or give Bond any more help.

What Happened To Him:
Stabbed in the back through the paper-thin walls of his bedroom by one of Osato's hitmen.

Henderson is an initially mildly interesting character, as Bond doesn't trust him at first because of his apparent refusal to tell Bond the agreed-upon password -- but he dies before the audience really cares about him. Furthermore, his theory about a foreign power isn't at all fleshed out, so it's pretty much useless to Bond. After all, the British government already suspects as much, and that's why they've sent Bond to Japan.

All that said, Henderson's death does advance the plot -- how else would 007 find his way into Osato's building? Nonetheless, he's merely average.


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