Section: Allies
Name: Campbell (Horsfall, Bernard)


Probably works for Draco, as Bond is on leave from MI6 when Campbell starts to help him -- and thus he probably isn't MI6's man in Switzerland.

How He Helped Bond:
Transports Bond's trunk featuring a safe decoder and photocopier to Bond while Bond is in Gumbold's office; waits around in the Swiss Alps while Bond is up in Blofeld's mountain-top abode.

What Happened To Him:
Gets himself killed by Blofeld's goons after trying to climb up the mountain.

Campbell is pretty much a pointless character. One wonders why the producers were willing to pay an actor to fill this role. Granted, Campbell does help Bond because Bond couldn't carry that big trunk into the office building -- it would look mighty suspicious. But given the tiny safe decoder Bond used in the previous film, and the tiny camera Bond uses later in this film, he really doesn't need a big trunk filled with a big safe decoder and a big photocopier.

And why exactly does Campbell even try to climb up the mountain? He gets impatient, apparently. By contrast, Felix never comes in to help Bond until it's absolutely necessary.


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