Section: Allies
Name: Leiter, Felix [Senior Discount Felix] (Linder, Cec)

Same Felix, except for the fact that he's lost the sunglasses in favor of a hat and seems to have aged more than the normal human being does in two years (with the exception of Robin Williams' character in Jack). His rapport with Bond suggests the two have worked together since 'Dr. No.'

CIA. Also may be accepting bribes from Colonel Sanders to be seen in a major motion picture eating his chicken.

How He Helped Bond:
Felix points out Goldfinger to Bond at the hotel in Miami. While Goldfinger holds Bond prisoner on his farm in Kentucky, Felix and another agent eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What Happened To Him:
Leiter lives on, and despite his lack of help on this mission, Leiter continues to have a good professional and personal relationship with Bond, perhaps because he manages to again change his look and personality.

Film franchises often have the need to change actors in roles, and the Bond series is probably the most notorious for its frequently shifting casts. Fans continue to debate which 007 actor is the best with varying answers, but if fans were to debate which Felix is the best, few if any would respond Cec Linder.

The problem isn't just that he doesn't look anything like Jack Lord. His personality is entirely different, but even if the audience can accept that, his character really adds nothing to the film. This Felix is not interesting and has nothing to do. Felix even knows he serves little purpose -- he tells his fellow agent he's tired and wants to go back to the hotel. And that's where this old man belongs -- falling asleep in the early evening so the audience doesn't fall asleep during an otherwise exciting movie.


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