Section: Allies
Name: Bey, Ali Kerim (Armendariz, Pedro)

Wealthy Turk with many passions: women, food, and his work -- as a spy in a world where East meets West. Believing that "blood is the best security in the business," he uses his many sons as his agents. Keeps a picture of Churchill on his desk. Likes to say "charming," often two or three times successively.

MI6's man in Istanbul.

How He Helped Bond:
Kerim tells Bond who's who in the Istanbul spy game; guides 007 through Constantine's rat-infested reservoir from his office to the Soviet consulate; treats Bond to a Gypsy catfight; helps Bond escape on the train with the Lector.

What Happened To Him:
Killed by Grant on the train.

One of the best allies in the entire franchise, Bey has an incredibly charming personality and the skills necessary to be a dominant force in the intelligence business. Kerim does a lot for Bond, and his death is regrettable, as he could have made a good friend and ally for Bond on future missions (but fortunately, many of his character traits return in Valentin in 'GoldenEye' and 'The World Is Not Enough').

He is especially interesting because he shows just how different Istanbul is from London. In some ways, Kerim is like M, with agents reporting back to him. But he can only trust his own flesh and blood, as Istanbul is filled with various nefarious characters, forcing this spy bureau chief to brandish and occasionally fire a weapon. Istanbul is a city where the Soviets and the British compete for influence, and it is Kerim's important but difficult job to see that the British have the advantage.


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