Section: Allies
Name: Leiter, Felix [Hawaii-Felix-O] (Lord, Jack)

CIA Agent on task to track down the source of the toppled rockets.

Uncle Sam.

How He Helped Bond:
Initially, Leiter doesn't help Bond at all. Rather, he suspiciously follows 007 from the airport and lets his two associates, Quarrel and Puss Feller (who, we're told, wrestles alligators), roughhouse Bond in the stock room of Puss Feller's nightclub. Only after Leiter comes in and pulls a gun on Bond does he introduce himself, and the two start working together in what will be a long-term professional (and later, personal) relationship. On the mission, Leiter doesn't actually do much work. The MI6 and CIA agents do work out the plan of action against Dr. No, but Bond does all the work, while Leiter waits for something to go wrong. After the destruction of Crab Key, Leiter attempts to rescue Bond by bringing in the (British?) Marines.

What Happened To Him:
Since Bond does all the work, he gets the girl. Leiter just gets to watch. But other than that, not a scratch on him (but one does wonder if this episode is the cause of Felix's sudden rapid aging between 1962 and 1964).

Lord is the best Leiter, even if he doesn't have much to do. His look is perfect, and Lord does a great job making both Bond and the audience suspicious until he's properly introduced. One does wonder why, since Dr. No is toppling American rockets, Leiter and the CIA let the British do all their work for them, but this is a minor point. Lord's Leiter is a wonderful foundation to an important character in the series.


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