Section: Allies
Name: Whyte, Willard (Dean, Jimmy)

Vegas hotelier and technology tycoon who knows his products well, Whyte has been believed to never leave his penthouse at the top of the Whyte House hotel and casino, while in actuality, has been kidnapped and impersonated by S.P.E.C.T.R.E.'s Blofeld.


How He Helped Bond:
Shares his technological expertise with Bond; tells Bond that Blofeld must by hiding out on the oil rig off the coast of Baja California; joins Felix in the helicopter leading the raid on the oil rig.

What Happened To Him:
Survives, taking back control of his many enterprises (and presumably firing many, many employees who couldn't tell that he wasn't the one running the show).

Willard Whyte is a fascinating character conceptually, and despite Jimmy Dean's good performance, he doesn't live up to his potential. A businessman who knows his science and technology, as opposed to just another local spy or MI6 contact, Whyte is a unique ally, but he just isn't on screen long enough.

Had Whyte's character been more fundamental to the story, the movie as a whole could have been a lot better. The idea of a Howard Hughes-esque mogul helping Bond on a mission in Sin City is an interesting one. Unfortunately, he's in captivity for most of the movie, and when he gets out, he's quite rightfully angry about his identity and business being stolen. If only he had slightly more to do.


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